Monday, April 13, 2009

Tree Planting, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Canopy Zip Line Tour

Just a quick update on today's events. We first headed to a high school located in Santa Elena where we were introduced to a lady who works for a conservation group that is working at reforestation of the cloud forest. Each student was given a sapling tree and we hiked up the hillside and planted our tree. From there we went to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve where we went on a 2 hour hike. We saw several types of birds, a millipede, a snake eating a gecko and experienced the sights and sounds of the cloud forest. The amount of biological diversity was amazing.

From the Cloud Forest reserve, we headed to 100% Adventure for the zip line tour. What a blast! We went on 12 different zip lines, a vertical drop and an amazing Tarzan swing. Sorry no pictures because I was advised not to take my big camera. Lots of the students got photos and we bought a CD which had pictures of everyone doing the Tarzan swing. I'll try to upload some at our next stop. We've just had lunch and have a few minutes before we head to the city where hopefully I'll be able to find an internet connection to upload these posts and the photos I've taken.

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