Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing the Amazing Pancho!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our bus driver, Pancho. This man is amazing and parents and family need to know that we are in very good hands. Already we´ve witnessed Pancho navigate narrow streets, incredibly narrow bridges, back roads, and traffic congested streets and highways. At the Arenal volcano, he was told that he could not park where he thought he could, so he had to back up the bus about 300 m down a narrow road, and then parallel park it between another bus and a wall. He squeezed it into this tight space perfectly. We are very appreciative of Pancho´s skill, his quiet demeanor and ready smile. Thanks Pancho!

Later in the trip...

Pancho's skills with the bus continue to amaze us. On th
e way up to Monteverde is a bridge that has been called the "Oh my god" bridge, because the approach is so narrow that it is incredibly difficult to get the angle of approach right so that the sides of the bus don't scrape the sides of the bridge. The bridge itself is a "temporary" replacement for a bridge that was washed out in a mud slide. Pancho very carefully went forwards and backwards, a bit at a time until he had the bus lined up perfectly with literally only an inch to spare on each side of the bus. If one of the wheels would have gone into a bit of a hole the bus would have rocked and it would have hit the side. 


Loki said...

WOW, amazing pictures!! What an awesome adventure you all are on. Keep the pics n stories coming, it is a privledge to follow along with you. Almost like bein there, but not quite. Say "hi" to Logan from his Mom, Don, the whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and Dad. Love ya buddy & Missin you like crazy :-)

Anonymous said...

Pancho Pancho man, i wanna be a Pancho Man